Nappy Roots - Facts

  • Artist: Nappy Roots
  • Track: Facts
  • Producer: SMKA, Kato
  • Album: Something's Gotta Give Campaign

Many, if not most emcees feel comfortable stretching the truth in pursuit of a dope rhyme. Nappy Roots, on the other hand, share the philosophy of Dragnet's Detective Joe Friday: “All we want are the Facts.” On the latest release in their Something's Gotta Give Campaign, follow-up to last week's acclaimed DeepEnd, the Southern mainstays excoriate their peers in the game not only for exaggerating the number of zeroes in the bank accounts, but also for taking illusory solace in religion: “You ain't really saved, you don't go to heaven 'cause your pray.SMKA and Kato provide a hazy, understated synth backdrop for their bars. Like what you’re hearing? Then watch our front page for further #SomethingsGottaGive standouts, as well as the latest on 2015-bound full-length 40 Akerz.