Nappy Roots - Party for the Ages

  • Artist: Nappy Roots
  • Track: Party for the Ages
  • Producer: SMKA
  • Album: 40 Akerz Project

If you're looking for something to throw on the playlist at your next rager, the latest single from Nappy Roots is... not it. Contrary to what the title might suggest, Party for the Ages is the kind of song whose nuances would easily be drowned out by the sounds of drunken revelry. I suggest you don a quality pair of headphones in order to fully appreciate the Southern mainstays' philosophical verses, delivered over an SMKA beat that's atmospheric and (save for the 30-second outro) percussion-free. The 40 Akerz Project is slated to hit record stores and online retailers March 3. In the meantime, of course, y'all can keep it locked for more fresh singles.