Nas - Black President

  • Artist: Nas
  • Track: Black President
  • Producer: DJ Green Lantern
  • Album: The N*gger Tape [Hosted by Green Lantern]

With Barack Obama’s victory earlier this week, the famous lyrics of 2pac Shakur, “And though it seems heaven-sent / We ain't ready to have a black President,” ring false for the first time ever. Though Obama has not won anything just yet, his place in this November’s election is both monumental and historic. Similar to Obama, veteran emcee Nas has preached change, both in the form of hip hop and in which people perceive usage of the word “n*gger.” Though his forthcoming summer release will no longer hold the controversial title, Esco has hooked up with DJ Green Lantern to release a pre-album mixtape, entitled The N*gger Tape. The first joint to leak off the album (Yo, Lowkey) is the Lantern-produced, Black President.
Note: The streaming of “Black President” has temporarily been suspended.