Ne-Yo ft. Juicy J - She Knows

  • Artist: Ne-Yo
  • Track: She Knows
  • Feat. Juicy J
  • Producer: Dr. Luke
  • Album: Non-Fiction

Update: The Emil Nava-directed visuals for Ne-Yo's She Knows single have been added.

Last week, we received a press release from Ne-Yo's label, Compound Entertainment, which announced the delivery of his forthcoming single. In big, bold lettering, anchored at the very top of the release, were the names of the track's two very large (in terms of popularity, not actual physical size) contributors: Juicy J and Dr. Luke. Shocking, right? A guest spot from an artist who has been featured on more than 20 records since the beginning of 2014, and a producer who is responsible for the recent success of Pitbull, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Katy Perry? We never saw that coming. Well, actually, we did. We sarcastically shared this news with our Twitter following, to which Ne-Yo replied, asking us to "#justwaitonit". Now that the single has arrived, we must say, he was kinda-sorta right. While the wheel has not exactly been reinvented, the end result of the Ne-Yo/Juicy/Luke musical meeting of the minds is a hip-pop club banger, which might be the biggest record since '12's Let Me Love You. Forgive us, Ne-Yo?