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Neak - The Kids

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  • Updated:
  • Artist: Neak
  • Track: The Kids
  • Producer: Slot-A
  • Album: BRTH A N8TH

Remember as a shorty you’d sit there and play Need for Speed for hours on end? Well, for me, one of most crucial elements to success on rounding those curves with the joystick was the perfect soundtrack jamming in the background. One song that definitely would've made it on my NFS playlist back then is today’s feature The Kids from Neak, his second notch so far this June following NRFS. On the production tip, Slot-A provides an uptempo, meth-influenced yet spacey production that could easily have landed on your favorite Drum & Bass artist’s next album, which Neak takes complete advantage of and lyrically runs all over, covering myriad topics, from promiscuous women to the dangers the next generation faces. If you like what you hear, The Kids was recently featured on T-Shirt Line RA-NYC’s mixtape, BRTH A N8TH, a video for the song is on the way, and Neak's Paura/Amore project is due out later this year.

Update: Click "Watch Video" or scroll down (for mobile) to view Neak's Aaron Perkins Jr-directed The Kids visual.

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