Nefew ft. Jared Evan & John Turrell - Paper Planes

  • Artist: NEFEW
  • Track: Paper Planes
  • Feat. Jared Evan
  • Producer: Nefew
  • Album: Rise Of The Antihero

Have you ever felt like there's just too much gold and shmoney in hip-hop? Have you ever felt like you wanted an album that covered themes like: conquering fear, doubt and the limitations put on us by others? If you answered "Yes," then we have a treat for you. Hip-Hop duo Nefew, made up of Polemikk and PA-Double, have crafted a full-length album based on those very thoughts; music that will inspire you to soar beyond your comfort zones. Their latest release, Paper Planes, is far from traditional - a genre blend of dub-step and hip-hop that sounds triumphant. The additions of Booth favorite Jared Evan and John Turrell are even more reason to give this single a chance. Rise Of The Antihero will be available for digital purchase on November 28.