Neon Hitch - Warner Blvd.

  • Artist: Neon Hitch
  • Track: Warner Blvd.
  • Producer: Kinetics & One Love
  • Album: Eleutheromaniac

Four months after earning reader approval for Some Like It Hot, British songstress Neon Hitch returns to the Booth with... well, I'd call it a protest song, but on the chorus of Warner Blvd. she insists that “you can't put a label” on what she's created. Over a high-energy beat by Kinetics & One Love, reprising their role as producers from her last feature, the Reprise Records signee states her intent to strip naked and lay down in the middle of a busy street in order to draw attention to, well, I'm not exactly sure what—but the song is so damn catchy I don't feel the need to nitpick. If you like what you're hearing, stay tuned for further details on the artist's Eleutheromaniac LP, which is currently unscheduled.