Nephu ft. Q da Kid - She Got That Fire

  • Artist: Nephu
  • Track: She Got That Fire ft. Q da Kid
  • Feat. Q Da Kid
  • Producer: Jermaine Dupri
  • Album: On The Edge

While riding aboard the Indie Express (which previously stopped to unload the buzz single I Should Know U), Atlanta R&B group Nephu may have found the very song that could get them headed on a major route. The groups’ new single, She Got Dat Fire, has the star power to be a breakout hit and enough energy to make a strong push in the club. Whereas the group uses the song to show off their goods, the ticket to Billboard station is punched by a guest spot from Brooklyn resident and So So Def signee, Q Da Kid. Expect the fire to reach a maximum temperature right around the time On the Edge hits stores and online retailers later this year.