Nina Sky - On Some Bullsh*t

  • Artist: Nina Sky
  • Track: On Some Bullsh*t
  • Producer: Salaam Remi
  • Album: The Musical

Things seem to have gone sour for Nina and Natalie Albino of Nina Sky since last we heard from them. On Curtain Call, the lead single off the duo's long delayed sophomore LP, The Musical, the identical twins called on a special man to satisfy their needs. He must not have been able to deliver the goods, however, as the follow-up finds the duo On Some Bullsh*t with the man in question. Salaam Remi's production, which superimposes shivering synth arpeggios over a classic-sounding breakbeat, acts as a chilly counterpoint to the anger apparent in the lyrics, and it all leads up to a stunningly caustic chorus. From what we've heard thus far, The Musical contains enough drama to satisfy even the most jaded theater buff. Will this story have a happy ending? We'll have to wait until the LP drops in the first quarter of '09 to find out...