Norman Dean - On My Soul

  • Artist: Norman Dean
  • Track: On My Soul
  • Producer: No Sleep Beats
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

When I see a title like “On My Soul,” I expect some deep and introspective ish but, as is evident from the very first lines (“Motherf**k a cop, on my soul. / N**gas gettin' killed in a world lookin' cold.”) of Norman Dean's Booth debut, the Pittsburgh rhymesayer is as concerned about the tragedies occurring beyond his doorstep as he is about what's going on in his mental. Over an eerie, syrupy-slow instrumental by fellow Steel City repper No Sleep Beats, the rapper ponders how best to “make a difference” in the struggle against hate and injustice. This rewind-worthy promo cut is just a loosie, but those feeling it can watch for front page for more from both Dean and his behind-the-boards collaborator.