Nosidam. - Turn the Lights Off

  • Artist: Nosidam
  • Track: Turn the Lights Off
  • Producer: Häzel
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Featured yesterday, James Kaye's latest single found the singer/songwriter fixing to Turn Out the Lights and spend some quality time with his girl. Today, in one of those little coincidences you notice when you listen to new music all day, another indie crooner introduces himself with a single featuring a nearly identical title and theme. Nonetheless, Nosidam.'s Turn the Lights Off has a sultry vibe all its own. The unsigned buzzmaker's rich, understated vocals combine with beatsmith Häzel's resonant keys and guitar riffs to form one of the most sensual, laid-back bedroom burners I've heard in a hot minute. Accompanied by director Nicole Otero's official visuals, this joint isn't attached to anything larger. Those digging it, however, can keep it locked for more fresh tunes from this promising up-and-comer.