Now On - Unwind

  • Artist: Now On
  • Track: Unwind
  • Producer: Haircut [of The Lab Techs]
  • Album: Tomorrow Already

On their website, Now On describes their sound as “post-futuristic soul.” Not to be picky or anything, but I’m pretty sure that they made that term up. From what little information I’ve gathered about post-futurism throughout my education, their music is absolutely nothing like it. But hey, “post-futuristic soul” sounds cool, and that’s what really matters. Their new single, Unwind, is a trouble-free hip-hop ode to the art of seduction. Emcees IX Lives and Jackson Perry suavely meander through three verses, sharing their various methods of setting the mood. The other member of the Michigan trio, producer Haircut of The Lab Techs, contributes a steady, equally suave beat. Unwind will appear on Now On’s upcoming album, Tomorrow Already, out September 30.