Nyle ft. Tina Parol - Breathe

  • Artist: Nyle
  • Track: Breathe ft. Tina Parol
  • Producer: KQuick
  • Album: Unreleased

Booth newcomer Nyle is a bit of a mystery; with his '07 debut LP, Frosh, the Philly-born rapper kicked off a planned tetralogy (full disclosure: I didn't know that word existed till a minute ago) of albums corresponding to his four years of schooling at NYU. Since then, he's released a genre-bending remix EP and traveled to Ghana, but, though Nyle's senior year is underway, his series remains a unilogy (full disclosure: I made that word up). From there, the details are hazy, but one thing's certain: he's still working on new music. A clue to his current mindstate can be found on unreleased cut Breathe. Here, Nyle teams up with soul singer Tina Parol to address the stress of living a life overstuffed with social and academic obligations, all the while struggling to pursue his musical dreams. College-aged listeners will find the rapper's pensive rhymes easy to relate to, and KQuick's piano-driven instrumental adds a dash of chilly tension to the record. In the end, we can only hope that the future brings Nyle increased peace of mind, and that he brings us plenty of fresh tunes.