OCD: Moosh & Twist - Unstoppable

  • Artist: Moosh & Twist
  • Track: Unstoppable
  • Producer: Louis Bell
  • Album: Living Out Loud EP

On their last feature, video single I Got, Philly-repping partners in rhyme Moosh & Twist assured listeners that they had their hustle firmly in hand. Turns out, their unflappable confidence isn't simply due to their mic skills and pop appeal; it also derives from the support of the women in their lives. On a latest single off their next EP, released along with visuals by frequent collaborator Jakob Owens, the Philly representatives let their respective significant others know just crucial they are to their success: “With you girl, anything is possible. / We could be Unstoppable.” Louis Bell does his thing behind the boards, backing OCD's heartfelt bars with catchy, chopped guitar samples and trap-tinged percussion. Moosh showcases his abilities as a crooner on the chorus. For this addictive cut and much more, cop Living Out Loud when it drops digitally next Tuesday, April 15.