Odd Couple ft. Lil Durk & Alex Wiley - Everything


Chicago producer Odd Couple returns to our pages with a track that, personally speaking, I've now had on repeat for an hour straight. What can I say, there's just something about that bouncing instrumental and Lil Durk's vocals that have lodged in my brain like a (very dope) tumor. Add in the symbolic Chicago importance of Durk appearing on a song with Alex Wiley and you've got a certified banger. So far this one's unattached to a larger project, but the minute Odd Couple announces he's got a larger project in the works is the minute I start anticipating it.



Odd Couple's "Chatterbox" Album is Simply Excellent

"Chatterbox" isn't flashy, it doesn't have any famous rappers, it's simply a great album you need to listen to.