Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko - Post To Be


Music is a universal language. Just ask a 50 Cent fan in Germany or an Eminem fan in Israel; their lyrics might not fully be understood, but as Chris Rock once said, "If the beat is all right, she will dance all night." Still, many urban music stars have taken creative liberties, changing up common sayings and in the process aggravating English teachers from coast-to-coast. The latest example is Post To Be, a new star-studded single from MMGforgotten man artist Omarion. Alongside fellow R&B guest stars Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko, the former B2K heartthrob explains how things are supposed to be; you know, where "the hoes go for me," and he stays "getting money." To have neither would be a shame, but these are First World problems so nobody would feel bad for O. Producer du jour DJ Mustard handles production, turning in a simplistic bouncing affair that should find a home at radio. After all, ain't that how it's post to be?