OnCue - Angry Young Man

  • Artist: OnCue
  • Track: Angry Young Man
  • Producer: CJ Luzi, ARW

There's a magical attraction to artists that share their hidden scars, a voice brave enough to look into the camera with their demons break dancing in the background is a rarity in the age of foolish fronting. We think that's why our readers love OnCue, there's no pretending persona, his music is the window to his soul, and the view is of a Angry Young Man. The title-track from Cue's latest album, Angry Young Man is a blast of emotion, listeners get to see the Connecticut native under a microscope, scars and all. The Steven Roberge-directed visuals puts us close and intimate with the chain-smoking artist, perfectly capturing the dark tones and feelings that surge the song. Hopefully, Cuey will be bringing new tunes in the new year, we know our readers are anxious to know what he's working on next.