OnCue - This Is Not a Song

  • Artist: OnCue
  • Track: This Is Not a Song
  • Producer: Mike Kuz
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

One month hardly seems like enough time to digest a project as expansive and lovingly crafted as OnCue's Just Blaze-Executive Produced freshman set, Angry Young Man, but maybe you're one of those listeners who burns through albums like a hummingbird does nectar. If so, you'll be happy to hear that the Connecticut representative is already back on our front page with a freshly-minted loosie. On This Is Not a Song, a larger-than-life synth beat by Mike Kuz bumps in the back as Cuey spits about... well, pretty much everything that's been running through his mental of late. This promo cut is unattached to anything larger, but we'll keep you posted on the artist's post-debut album plans as we learn more.