O'Neal McKnight - Crazy

  • Artist: O'Neal McKnight
  • Track: Crazy
  • Producer: Junior Sanchez & Michael Moog
  • Album: Untitled (TBD)

O'Neal McKnight hasn't been seen or heard from in the Booth since January of last year? That's... totally nuts! (Bet you thought I was going to say “Crazy.”) Anyway, the Cali-repping R&B mainstay and recent E1 signee's latest single (leaked earlier in 2011, but now being officially promoted) finds him picking up pretty much where last year's Something Bout Tonight left off: he's hanging at the local nightspot on Friday night, sipping fine liquors in anticipation of taking a certain alluring shawty back to his place. While the concept's as old as club music itself, Junior Sanchez and Michael Moog's alternately stark (on the verses) and lush (on the chorus) electro-funk grooves make for an eminently fresh listen. The blistering beat, along with O'Neal's novel brand of game-spitting (“You got my attention, it turns me on / And did I mention, I got you a thong?”), make this joint well worth the (free) price of admission. The artist's forthcoming full-length has yet to receive either a solid title or a release date, but if he keeps churning out cuts this catchy, that's liable to change very soon... keep it locked!