Outasight - Automatic

  • Artist: Outasight
  • Track: Automatic
  • Producer: 6th Sense

Outasight's been making creative, genre-bending music for so long that he does it almost Automatically. Which isn't to say it's become routine; the NYC-repping Booth fave manages to bring something fresh and exciting to the table on each and every one of his records, and this new single is no exception. For the follow-up to August's aggressive The Come Up, the Big Apple repper takes a sharp turn into club-pop territory. The thumping kicks and tweaked synths of constant behind-the-boards collaborator 6th Sense accompanies Outasight as he waxes poetic about his carefree, itinerant lifestyle, and invites a lucky girl to hit the road with him. Chasing a Ghost originally scheduled for release last month, has been rescheduled for a March 31 drop date.