Outasight - Invitation

  • Artist: Outasight
  • Track: Invitation
  • Producer: 6th Sense

I'll give y'all the bad news first: originally slated to drop digitally on Tuesday, October 28, Outasight's next studio album has been pushed all the way back to—brace yourselves—March of next year. Now for the silver lining: as consolation, the longtime Booth fave's liberated what may be the project's dopest single yet. On Invitation, an effortless catchy keyboard riff and addictive stop-start percussion rhythm courtesy of constant collaborator 6th Sense set the mood as Outasight obliquely addresses addresses a special someone: “Wherever the wind takes me, I don't know where it makes me go. / I only hope that it brings me back to you.” If you find yourself hitting rewind, you'll want to keep your browser locked for more fresh singles leading up to the March 31 arrival of Chasing a Ghost.