Pablo Dylan - No Religion

  • Artist: Pablo Dylan
  • Track: No Religion
  • Producer: Pablo Dylan, The Panther Brothel
  • Album: Untitled (TBA)

They say that God and politics are the two things you should never discuss in mixed company. Well, it's lucky for y'all that Pablo Dylan never learned his manners; today the multi-talented recording artist (grandson of folk-rock legend Bob Dylan) brings us the world premiere of No Religion, a single that finds him sharing some provocative lyrical reflections on those very topics. In collaboration with The Panther Brothel, the 19-year-old musical wunderkind cooks up an abrasive beat to accompany his defiant bars. A title has yet to be announced for the spring-bound project on which No Religion will find a home, but we in the Booth will keep you posted as we learn more.