Papoose - Fitted Hat Low

  • Artist: Papoose
  • Track: Fitted Hat Low
  • Producer: Scott Storch
  • Album: The Nacirema Dream

After Papoose inked a deal with Jive Records at the tail end of 2006, the wait was on for his much hyped debut, The Nacirema Dream. Eight months into 2007 and the public is still waiting for a single to catch on at radio. Although the Scott Storch produced cut, Bang It Out (featuring Snoop), didn’t seem to make much noise, the labels are smart shoppers and needed more for their money. Thus, we get round two with Storch and Papoose: Hat Fitted Low. The single is a distinctly different sound from what Papoose used to get his record deal. Fans will say he sold out, at this point, he just wants to sell.