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Some artists, once they get signed, celebrate by buying a new whip. PARTYNEXTDOOR? He upgraded his carpet game. On this freshly-minted loosie, his first feature since October's Candy, the OVO Sound recording artist invites a female companion to lounge with him on one of his many luxurious Persian Rugs. While he starts by assuring his Nicaraguan honey (Or is she Persian, too?), “I just wanna chill with you,” things quickly take a turn for the seductive. PARTY's own ringing keyboard chords and relaxed rhythm section accompany his vocals as he makes his move. This low-key selection isn't attached to any larger project by PARTYNEXTDOOR. While you wait for further details on his 2014 plans, why not take another listen to his self-titled EP, released last summer and available for free download in the Booth?