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Earlier this month, we heard PARTYNEXTDOOR link up with 40 to produce the hazy synth beat behind Days in the East, a reader-approved loosie by OVO boss Drake. It seems as if the T-Dot singer/songwriter was feeling his boardwork just as much as Boothgoers were, as he's elected to flip it on his own latest promo single, West District. Like Drizzy's cut, this record finds the artist struggling to play it cool, despite his feelings for a certain woman. Though he starts by assuring himself, “...this isn't love. We all have our obsessions sometimes, sometimes,” he admits later on that he's been seriously pondering his future with the chick in question: “I don't only want that sh*t tonight, I want it forever.” Needless to say, his atmospheric synths and submerged samples are the perfect complement to his reverb-drenched vocals. Like its prototype, West District is just a loosie but, rest assured, we'll keep you supplied with the latest news and tunes from the alt-R&B buzzmaker.