Pat Piff - Hard Candy

  • Artist: Pat Piff
  • Track: Hard Candy
  • Producer: Apple Juice Kid
  • Album: The Motor City Misfit EP

If the name Pat Piff rings a bell you’re probably either thinking of his work with Big Sean (Smoke & Drive), his Booth debut People Talk, or you’re confusing the Detroit emcee with mixtape site Dat Piff, no relation. But whether this is your first time around with Pat or you’re a seasoned vet, he’s hoping you’ll want a piece of his new track Hard Candy. Producer Apple Juice Kid (great name by the way) holds true to Pat’s Motown roots and uses some ‘50s sounding doo-wop samples to give Candy its sonic sweetness, setting the stage for Pat’s instant recognizable, slightly off-kilter voice to deliver reference heavy verses that cleverly name drop nearly every sweet treat on the planet. So how about it Booth nation? Is this Hard Candy something you’ll be happily sucking on, or does it just suck? If you’re looking to smoke some more musical piff alongside Piff, check out his latest work, The Motor Town Misift EP, available now, and keep an eye out for a new mixtape every month from the man leading up to the release of his debut album in January.



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