Paul Couture - Buy Her Love

  • Artist: Paul Couture
  • Track: Buy Her Love
  • Producer: Paul Couture
  • Album: Songs About HER Mixtape

Is love something that can be bought and sold? If urban radio is any indication, the answer is “Absolutely;” then again, few popular jams stick around long enough to describe the inevitable downfall of such materialistically-motivated relationships. On Buy Her Love, the first of two exclusive records sent to this very site, Austin R&B singer and '08 Best of the Booth nominee Paul Couture clues listeners in on why romance and greed mix about as well as oil and water. Over his own subdued, synth-heavy boardwork, the singer describes a woman who, instead of simply selling her affections to the highest bidder, has taken the far more lucrative path of selling them to multiple bidders. Topped off with a memorable chopped-n-screwed hook, BHL is proof that Couture's hitmaking potential hasn't waned since he earned rave reviews for Self Made Millionaire back in summer '08. Fans can hear plenty more of the up-and-comer's Booth-acclaimed R&B stylings on his Songs About HER Mixtape, set to drop in July. In the meantime, keep your browsers trained on our front page—another exclusive world premiere is coming soon!