Petey Pablo - F'ed Up Ain't It (Po Po Is Dumb)

  • Artist: Petey Pablo
  • Track: F'ed Up Ain't It (Po Po Is Dumb)
  • Album: Diary of Mine

Following T.I.'s indictment on federal weapons charges, artists from the North and South alike have shown their support. Some have stated their feelings in conversation, while others have lambasted both the feds and the snitching bodyguard in the form of a song. North Carolina's Petey Pablo chips in his support with the expressive F*cked Up Ain't It (Po Po Is Dumb). Unlike most "support songs" F’ed Up is a fun cut to bump, thanks to Petey's whimsical flow and an exceedingly catchy hook. Petey says he's willing to be the new "King of the South" while TIP's gone (which could be a very long time). Judging by F*cked Up Ain't It he could be well on his way, but that’s for you to decide.