Pharrell ft. Daft Punk - Gust Of Wind


When I first heard the extended version of Inside of Clouds, I knew Pharrell Williams was otherworldly. I'd consider him an alchemist before an artist, his touch turns coal to gold. Pharrell's every release this year has been captivating and he continues to hold our attention with the video for Gust Of Wind, from his G I R L album. Pharrell once again ups the ante by bridging the gap between cinema and music videos; the colors are crisp and vibrant, truly putting us in the autumn spirit. The Daft Punk duo makes an interesting cameo as two boulders carved into the shape of the infamous helmets, think Stonehenge meets Disney Channel. For Pharrell to be over 40, he's never lost his youthful imagination, maybe that's the secret to his alchemy and twenty-year-old career.