PHZ-Sicks - Black Women

  • Artist: PHZ-Sicks
  • Track: Black Women
  • Producer: Best Kept Secret
  • Album: The Moment

When you are in the mood for intellectual stimulation, you don't queue up some gritty trap music... right? Well, wrong if you're talking about PHZ-Sicks. His new single, Black Women, might just be the first conscious trap-inspired tune in hip-hop history. Best Kept Secret crafts a chaotic electronic instrumental driven by trap percussion. Though the beat would drown out your average emcee, PHZ matches its intensity with his crisp, ruthless flow. He might be as brash as your typical trap emcee, but his lyrics, which celebrate and praise Black Women, are far more thoughtful and intelligent than you might expect. The combination makes for a very interesting hybrid effort. You can find this tune on his The Moment project, available for free via DJBooth or for purchase on iTunes.