Pitbull ft. Lil' Jon -The Anthem

  • Artist: Pitbull
  • Track: The Anthem ft. Lil' Jon
  • Feat. Lil Jon
  • Producer: Lil' Jon
  • Album: The Boatlift

Many ‘anthems’ have made their way into car stereos and club speakers. They include, but are certainly not limited to, street anthems, party anthems, smoking anthems, drinking anthems, player anthems and ridin’ anthems. So what is Pitbull’s new single, The Anthem, all about? Well, to find out you need to speak Spanish. On the other hand, with an infectious club beat from Lil’ Jon and Pitbull’s insane energy and speed on the mic, it doesn’t really matter what language the song is in. The purpose of the ‘anthem’ is to find a partner of the opposite sex and grind it out on the dance floor… until both participants are dripping in their own sweat. So take an ice cold bath and peep Pitbull’s fourth studio album,The Boatlift, on November 27th.