Planet Ubiquity - War

  • Artist: Planet Ubiquity
  • Track: War
  • Producer: Planet Ubiquity
  • Album: The Invasion Album

The fiasco that was “Operation Iraqi Freedom” may have reached its official conclusion last December, but America remains at War. As the decade-plus conflict in Afghanistan rages on, drone strikes continue to blur the line between war and peacetime, and domestic attacks against minorities and the poor show no signs of stopping. If thinking about all that makes you f**king furious, then I've put you in the perfect mood to enjoy Planet Ubiquity's Booth debut. The latest street single off the five-man crew's forthcoming full-length, this politically-charged cut sees the crew delivering rhymes designed to rouse the apathetic to action, flowing over their own searing hard-rock production. (Screaming guitar solo and melancholy string outro included.) A timely reminder that, to paraphrase Chuck D, eloquent dissent can have an impact louder than a bomb, War is just one of many provocative, edu-taining cuts set for inclusion on The Invasion Album, which hits record stores and online retailers November 1.