Plies - Who's Hotter Than Me

  • Artist: Plies
  • Track: Who's Hotter Than Me
  • Producer: Midnight Black
  • Album: Da Definition of Real

Less than one year after the release of his Atlantic debut, rapper Plies plans to drop his sophomore album, Da Definition of Real, on June 10. With his Akon collaboration, Hypnotized, still doing well at radio and his new single with Ne-Yo, Bust It Baby (Pt.2), also doing well, it's a mystery why the Fort Myers, Florida native has decided to drop yet ANOTHER single. On the ego-saturated banger, Who Hotter Than Me, Plies asks his street audience a legit question. The only problem is that if he were to in fact ask them, he might not like their response. For starters, just off the top of the dome, there's this one rapper who shares the same last name as Batman; maybe you’ve heard of him?