Pries ft. Abstrakt - Thugga

  • Artist: Pries
  • Track: Thugga
  • Producer: Pries & Lexi B
  • Album: American Fairytale

On Booth debut Shake, featured in mid-October, unsigned buzzmaker Pries serenaded a chick whom he'd been seeing behind her regular boo's back. Well, either the singer's also playing the field on the low or he's finally settled down, because on freshly-minted follow-up Thugga (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) he lets his steady girl know she's the one he wants to spend his life—or at least the foreseeable future—with. Fortunately, she feels the same way. Indie songstress Abstrakt plays the Bonnie to Pries's Clyde, jumping on his and Lexi B.'s ear-pleasing R&B boardwork to provide vocal support throughout the cut. Thugga is slated to appear on Pries's forthcoming, unscheduled full-length, American Fairytale. It will also be available as a single on iTunes starting this Sunday, November 9.