Prodigy - Cold World

  • Artist: Prodigy
  • Track: Cold World
  • Producer: Sid Roams
  • Album: Product of the 80s

With the winter fast approaching, snow and climate changes aren’t the only things that can make life difficult. Prodigy’s uniquely futuristic street banger, Cold World, finds the currently imprisoned rapper waxing poetic about holding it down… for those who are locked down. Off of Product of the 80s, P’s second release since his incarceration this year, the track finds the Mobb Deep member displaying his signature style over Sid Roams' synthesized production. With Jack Frost on his breath, P’s Dirt Class Records release won’t have anyone screaming "G-Unit!" Rather, the Queensbridge lyricist is as gritty and grimy as ever. Does Nathan, our resident reviewer, agree? Read his commentary and find out.



Prodigy, Big Twins & Un Pacino 'Product of the 80s' Album Review

" will be a shame if this is the last album he ever drops."