PROF - Farout

  • Artist: PROF
  • Track: Farout
  • Producer: 84 Caprice
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Living in the real world is overrated. For example, as of my writing it's 62 and rainy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But in local rap phenom PROF's daydreams, the sun is shining and the thermometer reads 86. Much more appetizing, is it not? Hit play on new promo single Farout and soon you'll feel like you're right there beside him with an umbrella drink in hand. Here, 84 Caprice's minimal, percussion-driven beat backs PROF as he waxes poetic about the numerous scantily-clad “dime piece[s]” to be found round his way. Together with co-director Kron, the artist crafts a set of visuals that complement the record's summery vibe. Farout is just a loosie, but those feeling it should consider seeing PROF when he hits the road with Atmosphere next month. Click here to learn when he'll be visiting a city near you!



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