ProHoeZak - Superman

  • Artist: ProHoeZak
  • Track: Superman
  • Producer: ProHoeZakk
  • Album: Promo Single

“Look, up in the club! It's a pimp-rapper! It's an autotune fiend!” Wait, no; it's actually newcomer ProHoeZak. Faster than a speeding Lamborghini, the East Palo Alto, California native is ready to dominate the indie game with his brand new single. With swagger more powerful than a Hummer truck and the ability to leap player-haters in a single bound, PHZ is feeling like he's Superman these days. While we’re all pretty sure that Superman never, ever used the Auto-Tune, ProHoeZak could certainly be considered a man of steel when it comes to electronic-beeping beats. Standing for truth, justice, and the ‘Stunnas' Way,’ it is clear he knows what is popular in today’s music scene. But is he too late…?