PropaneLV - Regular

  • Artist: Michael Zoah
  • Track: Regular
  • Producer: D. Shuts
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Don't let the title of PropaneLV's latest single fool you; as his many fans in the Booth already know, the Portland repper is far from Regular. (In the sense of “normal” or “unremarkable,” that is. As for whether he's been getting enough fiber in his diet, I have no idea.) Unfortunately, the woman with whom he finds himself entangled on this new promo single is all too average. From her Gucci and Fendi getups to her constant partying to her pathological thirst for attention, she's just like countless other women at countless clubs around the world. D. Shuts provides a low-key electronic backdrop for this caustic character study. Regular isn't attached to any larger forthcoming project, but we'll keep you posted on Propane's plans as further details emerge.