Pryslezz ft. Jason DeRulo & N.O.X. - Sideways

  • Artist: Pryslezz
  • Track: Sideways ft. Jason DeRulo & N.O.X.
  • Feat. Jason Derulo
  • Producer: Drop Dead Beats
  • Album: Death of a Man, Rebirth of a King

There's no better way to relieve the stress built up over a long work week than popping a few bottles at your local club – that is, if you don't end up drinking so much that you're unable to walk straight when closing time rolls around. On a brand new single from Booth newcomer Pryslezz, the emcee is so tipsy he's leanin' Sideways. Fortunately, the Ohio native has a beautiful lady to hold him up as he continues to enjoy his night. Also accompanying Pryslezz in his drunken revelry are North Carolina emcee N.O.X. and R&B singer Jason DeRulo (who must be using a fake I.D., since he's only 19). The production, provided by Drop Dead Beats, isn't anything you haven't heard before, but it invests the record with enough club appeal to get some bodies out onto the dance floor. Sideways is set for inclusion on the emcee's sophomore album, Death of a Man, Rebirth of a King, due out February 24th.