Q Da Kid ft. Jermaine Dupri - On A Mission

  • Artist: Q Da Kid
  • Track: On a Mission ft. Jermaine Dupri
  • Producer: Jermaine Dupri & No I.D
  • Album: It Was All a Dream

In the current day and age of cookie-cutter rap, when artists only seem to care about padding their money market accounts, there remain a few youngsters who have overcome obstacles On A Mission to take over the rap game lyrically rather than financially. As you've probably seen in commercials for TAG body spray, Brooklyn's Q da Kid is one of these few. Counted out by many after his former group split up, Q makes some groundbreaking references to Ronald McDonald's friend Grimace and Heath Ledger's fatal pill overdose on this his first official single. Jermaine Dupri adds sung hook vocals, delivered in a manner that suggests the TAG/Island Def Jam execs unsuccessfully tried to get Kanye West for the part, and Chicago producer No I.D. contributes his work behind the boards. Q da Kid's forthcoming debut, It Was All A Dream, currently has no set release date.