Q Parker (of 112) ft. Plies - Holla Atcha

  • Artist: Q Parker
  • Track: Holla Atcha ft. Plies
  • Feat. Plies
  • Producer: Real Talk
  • Album: TBA

Whether it is due to inflated egos or merely a desire to fly on their own, virtually every band in history has seen its members record solo albums at some point in their collective career. A perfect example of such is veteran R&B group, 112. Last year, Daron Jones left the group to focus on a solo career, but the others (e.g., Slim) maintained their ties in spite of various side projects. One of the loyal three is Q. Parker, who, like Slim on I Ain't Scared, is out to Holla Atcha woman. However, unlike Slim, plans to wait for the hotel to do what he do. While some ladies might have forgotten Q, current heartthrob Plies joins along for the ride. Some solo careers are just not meant to be (hey, Nicole Scherzinger), but as Q clearly shows others are well worth the effort.