R. Kelly ft. Usher & T-Pain - Same Girl (Remix)

  • Artist: R. Kelly
  • Track: Same Girl (Remix) ft. Usher & T-Pain
  • Feat. T-Pain, Usher
  • Producer: Robert Kelly & Lil' Ronnie
  • Album: Double Up

The Same Girl situation for R. Kelly and Usher takes a turn for the worse, when in the remix they find out something new: That girl that both of them are messing with is T-Pain's wife! Naturally, Teddy Pain is upset about it, and decides to leave her behind. However, the episode takes an unexpected turn (Trapped in the Closet anyone?) when Kells decides to divert everyone's attention by turning the melodrama into a dance number, which he follows by a sung freestyle and a snap-dance. To make a long story short, it works in distracting everyone by getting them to the dance floor. This half-radio, half-club remix should work in keeping the song fresh, but also (and more importantly) in making everyone have a good time. Let's double up!