Rah Digga - I Heard You Say

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  • Artist: Rah Digga
  • Track: I Heard You Say
  • Producer: Rah Digga and P. Carrera

What’s that? I thought I Heard You Say that there weren't many good female emcees 'round these days? Well, I could give you 1,000 reasons why you're wrong, but I only need one: the latest feature from Rah Digga. With some help from producer P. Carrera, the hip-hop veteran cooks up an EDM-informed beat featuring a sample from Dennis Ferrer's Hey Hey on her brand new single. This type of quirky instrumental would leave most emcees dazed and confused, but Rah rocks the mic with fearless tenacity, showcasing a fluid, yet powerful vocal delivery. Now we know what the New Jersey native meant when she said last fall that she won't back down. If I Heard You Say got your attention, be on the lookout for her HOOD HOUSE: SO JERSEY EP, due out this fall.