Rapsody - The Man / Different Problems Interlude

  • Artist: Rapsody
  • Track: The Man / Different Problems Interlude
  • Producer: Eric G. (for The Soul Council)

Still haven't picked up a copy of Rapsody's latest EP? Maybe you just don't like dope, lyrically insightful hip-hop. It's OK; we all have our flaws. If that's not the case, though, new single The Man / Different Problems Interlude is a perfect illustration of why the project shouldn't be missed. This two-part jam, produced by The Soul Council's Eric G., opens with a poignant vignette about a fatherless black youth driven to deal drugs by the desire to provide for his family. The “interlude” that follows finds Rap reflecting on the difficulty of explaining the realities of racism to the younger generation. For more thought-provoking material, cop Beauty & the Beast, out now via Jamla Records.