Ras Kass ft. Doc Hollywood - 90210

  • Artist: Ras Kass
  • Track: 90210
  • Producer: Doc Hollywood
  • Album: Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3

Quick, someone get Ras Kass a calendar and remind him what year it is. His new single, a leak from his upcoming mixtape Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3, is called 90210 and features production that loops the infamous synth riff from the classic Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop movie series. Then again, it could work in his favor to capitalize on the retro '80s throwback trend that's prominent these days. It's been a while since he's released any new material, so a fresh but familiar approach might be the key to regaining relevance. On the mic Kass maintains his signature West Coast grizzly flow, which is refreshing because I'm sure there's the temptation to conform to new styles. Doc Hollywood's production and hook do a great job of invoking the ubiquitous imagery of excess and decadence that Beverly Hills is known for, which provides a perfect backdrop for him and Rass Kass to rap about, well, excess and decadence. This is that white-suit-gold-chain-and-sunglasses theme music! No date yet for when Kass' mixtape drops, but DJBooth will be the first to let you know when it becomes available.