RASHAD - Machine Gun

  • Artist: RASHAD
  • Track: Machine Gun
  • Producer: R∆§H∆Ð
  • Album: MUSEUM

I know what you're thinking: R∆§H∆Ð, the man who brought us reflective, mood-elevating cuts like The Moment and The Return, is hardly the type of artist you'd expect to hear waxing poetic about firearms. Machine Gun the latest highlight off the Elev8r Music artist's DJBooth-hosted project, is a gat-themed jam with a twist: the artist is the weapon in question, which bears little resemblance to any gun existing outside of an Xbox game. Over his own characteristically innovative production, a low-key electronic arrangement wreathed in spacey studio effects and dreamy synth arpeggios, the artist imagines himself as futuristic heater, melting his competition to slag with fully automatic laser beams. Throughout his science-fictional fantasies of mass destruction, he showcases his versatility as a vocalist, interlacing reverb-drenched sung vocals with down-pitched rhymes and robotic warbles. Feeling this eclectic selection? More innovative bangers await on MUSEUM, released in late May and available here for free streaming and download.