Raven Sorvino ft. Doley Bernays & Smokey Lane - Alpaca Fur


I haven't seen American Gangster, but even I know that when a $25,000 Alpaca Fur carpet gets dirty, you don't rub it; you gently blot it. If that piece of information is new to you, don't worry; by the time you're done listening to Raven Sorvino's latest single, it'll be permanently burned into your memory. Introed with a sample from the classic scene alluded to above, this cut finds the Cali buzzmaker trading caked-up verses with Bronx emcee Doley Bernays. Smokey Lane jumps on Aktive's opulent synth beat to deliver the hook. Sorvino's Life$tyle EP is slated to drop before month's end. In the meantime, keep it locked for more fresh singles.