Ray J ft. Pitbull - One Thing Leads to Another

  • Artist: Ray J
  • Track: One Thing Leads to Another
  • Feat. Pitbull
  • Producer: Max Martin
  • Album: Untitled (TBD)

You know how it goes. You’re out in the club with Ludacris, the Patron’s flowing freely, the music’s bumping, it’s a Celebration. And then Pitbull stops by the table with an entourage of hotties and, well, One Thing Leads to Another. What? You have no idea what that’s like? Yeah, me neither, but apparently Ray J does. Released in conjunction alongside the aforementioned Celebration, Brandy’s brother’s new single amps up the energy with a club-dominated, booty shaking beat from Max Martin guaranteed to have the ladies, well, shaking their backsides, and where there’s booty, there’s Pitbull. Mr. 305 kicks off the song with a typically flowing, half-Spanish verse that sets the stage for Ray J’s electronically influenced crooning. Ok, so it’s not the next Empire State of Mind, but in terms of its intended mission, making the clubs jump, One Thing may just lead to a hit, or maybe even a title and solid release date for Ray J’s upcoming album, which currently has neither. You’re just going to have to keep it locked for more.