Raz Simone - Let It Go

  • Artist: Raz Simone
  • Track: Let It Go
  • Producer: Raz Simone, Jake Crocker
  • Album: Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2

If Part 1 in Raz Simone's Cognitive Dissonance mixtape series was an epic film, the forthcoming follow-up is going to be more like a riveting TV drama, doled out in suspenseful bite-sized portions. Having hooked listeners with the “pilot,” September's Cheap Money, the Seattle repper plans to release the rest of the project's tracks as weekly singles, beginning with the newly-released second episode, Let It Go. Xavier Ruffin directs the official visuals for this whip-ready cut, which finds Simone showcasing his skills both on the mic and (with the help of co-producer Jake Crocker) behind the boards. Feeling it? Then tune in next week—same rap time, same rap channel—for another thrilling cut off Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2.