Raz Simone - Out Here Gettin' Money

  • Artist: Raz Simone
  • Track: Out Here Gettin' Money
  • Producer: Raz Simone, Antwon Vinson & Ben Hamaji
  • Album: Cognitive Dissonance Part 2

On Cheap Money, the “pilot” to the musical miniseries that is Cognitive Dissonance Part 2, Raz Simone told us that “Money means nothing and time means everything.” Now, on episode five, the Seattle representative proudly announces that he's Out Here Gettin' Money. A self-contradiction? Nah. Though the record begins as a caked-up trap anthem, propelled by Raz, Antwon Vinson and Ben Hamaji's tense keys and clattering hi-hats, it switches gears at the halfway point, transitioning into a moody spoken-word piece that reprises the themes and plot elements of previous episodes. Feeling this cinematic cut? You can look forward to another record each week leading up to the January 28, arrival of Simone's latest LP.